Trust Me I'm A DJ - Men's T-Shirt


Are you a DJ and believe people should trust your judgement on what will get the dance floor full of drunken people at a wedding........this t-shirt could help with that.......any time that someone requests a song that is total pants...........just point to your t-shirt!!


Approx Size Guide

S: 34/36"

M: 38/40" 

L: 42/44"

XL: 46/48"

2XL: 50/52"

3XL: 54/56"




At Mad Eye Gifts, all our t-shirts are processed through a system known as sublimation, whereby the image changes from solid to gas and back to solid state again. All of our t-shirts are 100% polyester, which is perfect for this process, and has a lot longer lasting image than the older and cheaper screen printing (which can crack after just a few washes)